Monday, April 29, 2013

Civilian Life (and the US!) Here I Come!

That's right, I get officially released from the IDF in two days, Wednesday, May 1st.

The past few months have gone by very quickly, here is a very brief recap: almost two months in course Nativ, one month back at base, two weeks off for Passover (as a nanny with my sister for the Kohl family vacation in Israel...AMAZING!), three more weeks at the first seminar for the conversion process, and almost two weeks on vacation before my release date. 
Here I am with Allie at a ceremony last week where I received a distinguished soldier of the Strategic Division award. My friend Eli and Lavi's mom came to support me as well!

I have time off until my flight to the states on May 22nd and have started "getting my life back in order" as I like to call it. Visiting all the governmental offices I need to visit in order to integrate back into civilian life, catching up and seeing friends, and doing some major spring cleaning of my apartment before I pack up and head back to New England for the whole summer. 

I have many plans already for the summer including Dani's prom and graduation right when I get back, three weddings (bachelorette and shower included), family vaca in Martha's Vineyard, trips to NY and possibly DC, oh, and working full time. I will be nannying (yes, yes, there is a theme) full time this summer fro two adorable kids with 3-day weekends and three weeks off for vacation throughout the summer, can you say perfect? 

My sister Allie is arriving at the end of July and we are flying back together on September 2nd, with a day long sightseeing layover in Madrid!

What is the next big step you ask? Well that is a great question. I have made the decision not to go back to school this upcoming year. I was unable to decide what I wanted to do and realized that I wasn't quite sure why I was so rushed to go back to school if I wasn't even sure what I wanted to study. After changing my mind every weekend that I returned from the army, my sister suggested looking into an MBA. She may actually be on to something here... Anyway, I will probably take or at least study for the GMAT this summer and apply for school for the fall of 2014 in whatever I end up deciding(in Israel of course, it's free and have you heard me complain about my undergrad loans?!?) In the mean time, the next year and a bit looks blissfully open and full of opportunity. It will be filled with a combination of traveling and work, that is for sure, but the ratio has yet to be determined. 

More pictures to come once I upload to my computer. 

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  1. So proud of you, sissy! You've come so far and I hope you enjoy this well earned year of fun! I love you :)