Monday, January 10, 2011

Bye Bye Beach

<--- This is two blocks from my sisters apartment in Nahariya.

Today was my last day in Nahariya with my sister, tomorrow I am moving to Jerusalem. I cannot explain how extremely thankful I am that my sister and a guy she works with are taking me (and my suitcases, of course) to Jerusalem in their work van. This means I don't have to trek to the train then change to the bus then another bus with all my stuff. WOO HOOO!!

I am excited to meet new friends. I hope my roomie (or roomies, I will either have one or three!) is nice and likes me! haha.

Brief update from the weekend: I went to Kibbutz Yavne, near Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv just a bit inland from the coast. My sister's friend from Ulpan lives there while he does his army service. Kibbutzim were some of the first Jewish types of communities in Israel. They are based on a socialist model. Now most Kibbutzim are less socialist, but they still have things like a common dining area and the residents usually work on the kibbutz in order to produce whatever the exports are (Kibbutz Yanve exports milk and cheese, of course, as well as pickles, chicken, watches, animal feed, and some other things). I'm thinking about living on a kibbutz while I'm in the army, it would be free! and a nice community, too.

It's finally starting to sink in a little bit that I am here. A longer post will come from Jerusalem. Shalom out.

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