Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ellyn's Birthday!

Week 1 of Ulpan came to a close and a group of us beit canada'ers headed off to tel aviv to celebrate Ellyn's birthday in fashion. Public transportation doesn't run for the 24 hours during Shabbat (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), so in true Israeli fashion we caught the last bus from Beit Canada to the central bus station and the last bus from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Minor breakdown on the way to Tel Aviv (typical) but another bus came and saved us very quickly. A shared taxi ride to the hotel and we had finally arrived; hungry, cranky, tired, and excited to relax in the hotel room before going out. Not surprisingly, however, something had gone wrong with the hotel reservations and we had to wait outside the hotel sketchily for 45 minutes until it was all sorted out. (sketchily because we were fitting many more than 3 people in this hotel room.) Check out the view from the hotel room Ellyn got us :)

Once we figured out the number for a pizza place that was open and would deliver, thanks, Domino's, I was a happy camper (or, happy hotel guest?). We went out to a club called Gossip and it was really fun! Everything except all the smoke that was inhaled all night, ugh.
Saturday we hung out on the beach all day and I got some Hebrew studying done. Great first weekend of bonding with the ulpaners :). Geared up for week two of hebrew class...

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