Wednesday, April 6, 2011


That's the goal anyway, 5:13/km. it's about 8:23/mile for the half marathon. 21.1 km or 13.1 miles. I'm super excited and a little bit nervous, I know i can finish but I really want to get a good time, 1:50 is my goal. This is going to include water and GU (energy gel) stop. There's a pacer at 1:50 so hopefully I can stay with them! Tomorrow I have a trip with my ulpan to the north for the day and I am going straight from the trip to my friend Eli's parent's house in north Tel Aviv. Friday morning well before the crack of dawn I will take a taxi (hopefully with Eli) to the starting line on where Yafo and Tel Aviv meet. Tomorrow on the bus to the north I will make my list of people to run for, a person or group of people for every kilometer. I'm going to write the names on my arm next to my pace chart (has the times I should be at for each KM). After the race I'm going back up north with Allie and Abe to spend Shabbat at Allie's. I hope all the hill training pays off and gives me the speed that I'll need to reach my goal time in the race. I'll update as soon after the race as I can!

**If any of you are runners and enjoy finding race results or tracking runners online like I do, I am not sure if you can track my progress but I'm sure you can find my results. It is the Tel Aviv Half Marathon and I am number 20246. They will be positing live photos to our facebook pages as we run, so you'll be able to see those Friday.

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