Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chalomot Paz

In hebrew instead of saying "sweet dreams" you say chalomot paz which means literally, gold dreams. Well last night I had just that, my second and most clear dream IN HEBREW! :)

Briefly, I remember booking a hotel room for an ultimate tournament somewhere random and I think in the south of the US. I'm not sure why but the rooms were free, they weren't that nice, but still, who can argue with that. I booked four rooms and I was busy (with another person or two, sorry no memory of who the people were in the dream) figuring out who was going to sleep in which room. If you are someone who used to plan BC ultimate trips with me you know how annoying of a task it is to put car and room lists together for trips. Also, I spent a bit of time with my roommate here doing this same thing for our Eilat trip two weekends ago (post about that to come). Clearly, as displayed in my dream, a task that has had a deep effect on me, haha. Anyway, as I was putting these lists together I specifically remembering telling my other teammates to "na lo la'gaat" the picture on the wall. Or, "please don't touch." Dream Lauren stumbled over these words and the few others that came out in Hebrew, typical as I stumble over many sentences when I'm speaking Hebrew. I had a hard time conveying the few sentences I was trying to say because I wasn't saying them totally correct, but I was saying them nonetheless!

When I woke up this morning I was convinced that the hotel in my dream was one I had actually been to and I couldn't remember where it was. As I think about it more, I've definitely never stayed at a hotel like this, although some of the rest stops in Virginia looked just as run-down. I didn't remember that I spoke in Hebrew in my dream until half way through class this morning when my teacher reminded us of a verb that was in the same group as the verb "to touch," which is the verb I used. Verbs in the same group often sound very similar of course and it jogged my memory. Man was I excited and I was sure to let everyone in class know about my epiphany.

this is a shorter post as I am off to go get some "diet chicken" at the dining hall, which really is just plain chicken (thigh and leg, i think) with nothing on it. Perfect for me, apparently it's for those of us on a "diet," because the typical israeli lunch ladies can't imagine that anyone would actually desire to eat such a plain chicken.

Last run (3 miler) today followed by a 2 mile walk tomorrow, haha, and race day on Friday! Longer post to come, I know I've been slacking.


  1. just read this one and literally LOL'ed my way through it. first of all...noone, or nearly noone our age, says "na" in regular, spoken hebrew. only on train announcements and on signs. usually when spoken the request is morphed into something like "al tagi ya metumtam!" (don't touch you idiot!) ((al tagi = lo lagaat in the command form, like al teshvi, don't sit)). also lol'ed at the diet chicken. ive heard u talk about it at least 6 times already and it just never gets old. great job in the half and was awesome having u up here sissy! can't wait til we can be closer. love and miss u already! <3

  2. the reason it's stuck in my head in that form is because of the restaurant we went to, blackout! their theater is called נא לגעת. I can't think about the verb l'ga'at, to touch, without saying "na lga'at" in my head, haha. off to go have some diet chicken, I hope they didn't run out already! it's a hot commodity here at ulpan etzion.