Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spontaneous Home Visit

In the past year I've bought two plane tickets, one to Italy and one to Boston.  Both vacations were for about a week and both tickets were bought a week before I flew.  I think I should keep up with this trend of spontaneity...

I flew home to Boston for a week this past month and boy what a great week it was!  I managed to fit a many things in, see a lot of friends, and spend quality time with Momma and D.  Here are some highlights (or just the most of trip in bullet point):

-Seeing mom in the arrivals hall when I landed...never gets old :) (she's obviously taking money out so I can go to dinner with friends later cause I didn't have any dollars, or my American debit card on me, thanks mom!)

-Trader Joe's for delicious wine and a yummy Jewish bakery for rugellah and humentashen
-"surprising" dani at her track meet (although I'm pretty sure she expected me to show up then and didn't believe that I was landing later that evening and going to miss the meet.
-Mexican dinner with the Ruby girls, so glad we could all meet up (minus those out-of-towners, you were missed!!)
-Seeing my grandparents
-Running mild winter day miles on the good old streets of Whitman, MA
-Marylou's for amazing coffee
-Mall with Jen. Forever 21 is great, even though they have one in Tel Aviv now it's still not as cheap.
-Beautiful home cooked dinner with me and mom and Jen and her mommy. And lots of wine ;)
-Going out in Plymouth for Rebecca's birthday with Whitman-Hansoners (and buying Bud Light and a Cadbury Creme Egg on the way down. Both just as delicious as I remember)
-Going out with BC/Fris friends in Boston and truly appreciating the MD 20/20 present that the girls provided me with for the evening, you know me too well. (and moving in to Tom's apt for the night for a sleepover, see picture..)
-Marylou's for amazing coffee
-Quan's Kitchen Hanover for dinner with mom and D, most delicious chinese food in the world.
-Sundae pack from Peaceful Meadows with Pistachio ice cream. Again, girls, you know me too well :)
-Millies breakfast with Kasey Black, just like old times, just as delicious.
-Hanging out with the Somerville apt boys and dinner with Bren in Davis Square (I think?) Amazingly delicious dinner AND no parking ticket for parking 10 hours in a 2 hour spot,'re good stuff.
-Free pilates class with Dani at her work, the Hanover Y.
-NH with momma and D for a relaxing night in an adorable hotel (once we found it through the snow and darkness) and a gorgeous day of skiing/snowboarding at Sunapee.

-Stopping to buy tax free tequila and margarita mix in NH on the way home because it was "National Margarita Day"
-Making delicious margaritas with mom and inviting the girls over to enjoy with us

-Marylou's for amazing coffee!
-TARGET with mom. I do not remember having so many options for things like deodorant, or mops. I was overwhelmed to say the least...

-Dairy Queen cookie dough ice cream and fudge blizzard

 -Making funfetti cupcakes with mom's homemade pink frosting
-Sleepover with the girls <3 <3 (you were missed Mandii..)
-Blueberry pancakes for breakfast
-Haircutttt (even though my friends in the army gave me one a month ago, this was my first actual haircut in over a year...) And Dani cut her longgg hair and donated it to make a wig! You go girl!

I'm sure there were other things that I forgot about that were just as great. And there were a few things that I wanted to do but didn't manage including visiting the Dempsey's (I'm booking you guys for a scrabble game or two in July!) I also wanted to hang out a bit more with BC friends because I feel like we didn't get to catch up enough, but I think I did pretty well for having a week. I ate waaay to much junk food, and ice cream, brownies, cake, REESES, etc, but all in all, I'm glad I decided to have Allie buy the (just a bit too) expensive ticket at 1:30am while I was on base...for the following week.

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