Tuesday, June 26, 2012

rolling with the punches..

Man, it's been a crazy month.

There has been a bit of escalation here lately on both of the borders, Egypt an Gaza, but...knock on wood...things seem to be cooling off. I had a very short weekend last weekend as I was called back early and now I am going to be staying on base this weekend (my regular weekend) and the next (supposed to be my weekend off) because of a lack of people.  The up side is that afterward I will...knock on wood...be flying to the states!! Don't get too excited as nothing is ever certain with the army until I am legitimately on the plane, but if all goes according to plan I'm requesting them to get me a ticket from July 12th to August 10th. Let's cross our fingers they approve me for the army-purchased ticket, which I'm supposed to receive once during my service, cause that's the only thing that will make this trip a reality.

biggest news update: I can call cell phones/land lines in the states unlimited and for FREE from my cell phone now! I switched to the best cell phone plan possible, and I can't wait to start calling you all and catching up!!!

I'll try to post more updates soon, I just haven't been home in weeks and won't really be for the next few weeks. Bare with me, it's the unpredictable life as a soldier...

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