Wednesday, June 27, 2012

World's Most Amazing Opportunity

I have written before about the absolutely unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I was given in December 2010 of donating my stem cells for a recipient who was a random match.

A few weeks ago I finally was able to fill out a form with my contact information for the family of the patient to reach me, if they so desire.

This morning I received the most amazing email I have and will ever receive in my entire life. The mother of the little girl I donated to contacted me! Penelope was 3 when I donated and she is now happy and healthy and about to turn 5 on Friday! If this isn't the most amazing thing one could ever be a part of in their life I just don't know what it. I'll keep you all posted about how my relationship with the family unfolds, I hope to meet them while I'm in the states!

I can't wait until then send pictures, you all know how I am with kids.

And the best part is, Penelope's mom described her as mischievous and strong willed. Is that not EXACTLY how one would describe me?? Especially when I was 5. Simply amazing.


  1. so proud of you, sissy! how blessed to be able to give the gift of life...!

  2. this is so awesome, speevs! you are such an inspiration!