Saturday, July 30, 2011


Last week I set some goals for myself during the week, here's a recap of how I did:

Week one goals:
1. at least once be the person who receives the commander when in formation
check: 2 or 3 times
2. ask questions during lessons with my commander or the platoon commander
check: a few times I said I didn't understand and asked for clarification during lessons.
3. answer questions during lessons
check: i think 4 times total though out the week
4. learn the correct sentences to say when we check to make sure out gun is clean
check: sometimes I mumble the last line "weapon discharged, checked, locked" because it rhymes and is kind of a tongue twister, but for the most part I've got it.
5. involve myself in downtime conversation with the girls
check: only sometimes do I not add to the conversation due to being too tired or uninterested. a few times from not understanding the conversation fully.

Week two goals:
1. be the one to receive the commander a few more times this week
2. ask many more clarification questions during lessons/ say when I don't understand
3. answer more questions during lessons
4. don't receive any individual punishments (pushups, usually)
5. continue to converse in group settings with the girls
6. RUN during our free hour at night

okay thats all i have for now, i have thought of others but currently have forgotten them. time for a few hours of sleep before the 4:50 wake up to head back to base :). see ya next weekend!

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