Saturday, July 23, 2011

yes, commander!

extremely brief update, sorry for any mistakes! it's after 2am and i have to wake up at 5:10 in order to make it to my base on time in the morning YIKES! i can sleep about 3 hours combined on the train though, too, so it's okay.

i enlisted last thursday and everything went really well! the girls i enlisted with were really nice, asking me a bunch of questions and congratulating me for making the decision to join the army. by the end of the day they were yelling "hey american!" when i walked by. i'll explain the specifics of "barkum" (the whole first day stuff, uniforms, shots, dental, fingerprints, etc, next weekend) but basically I left there at 8pm Thursday night and went to my first night at basic training. we didn't do so much because we got there late but i still learned a ton in the short time i was there. i left friday morning at 10:15am and went straight to tel aviv to meet up with my sister. we spent the day around tel aviv and then went to jerusalem to spend shabbat at daniel's. shabbat was awesome but we just got back to nahariya tonight (saturday) at 12:30am. i packed all my stuff and now i'm ready for my first full week at basic training. oh, and we're getting a heat wave this week...yay!!

most importantly...i got my placement: i'm going to foreign affairs!!!! there is a ton of stuff that foreign affairs deals with and i don't know exactly what i'll be doing but i am sooo excited, i think it's going to be great.

more to update next weekend when i get home (my commander told us we are not staying for shabbat next weekend so I hope that is true!)

it sounds funny to me in english but at night we say goodnight to our commander so...

lyla tov, commander!

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  1. "oh, and we're getting a heat wave this week...yay!!" lol Lauren ur funny. I imagine if ur doing any physical training out doors this week is feeling quite different than what u anticipated with that comment!

    gab (from ulpan)