Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Day As A Civilian

So it is finally here, my draft date is tomorrow! I have a paper that tells me where to report (in Jerusalem), what time, what to bring, etc. I am pretty lucky (I think) because I am drafting on a Thursday which means I will go home for the weekend the same day. From what I understand I will get on a bus in Jerusalem and go to a place where I get fingerprinted, teeth imprint (scary thought..for identification), blood samples, my army ID, dog tags, uniform, give them my bank account info for payment, and a few other things. I'm pretty sure that after all that, instead of shipping off to boot camp that day like most do, I will be able to go home for the weekend. Sunday morning, I'm assuming, I will report wherever they tell me (somewhere in the desert or the north) for my three weeks of boot camp.

For clarification...I still have no idea what job I am doing in the army. I don't know this because I pushed everything to happen really quickly because I didn't want to enlist in October or December. Tomorrow I will also have a bit of an interview and based on that and my profile (test scores, hebrew level, physical profile, etc) I will get job options. Don't expect anything cool, I'm not very hopeful, but I am going to push my hardest. My physical profile is a "perfect" 97, the highest, my test score on the psychotechnical test was also 100%, I have a degree, all these things are going for me. Against me is the fact that I'm serving for a year and not the typical two required of girls, and also my lack of Hebrew proficiency, these minimize my job options.

Today I have to get some things done like buy socks and white t-shirts. (I have an excuse to buy new white t-shirts! If you know me and my wardrobe you know how exciting this is!) Actually they give me everything but the socks aren't that great and I'd rather have a few t shirts of my own. I also want to change my cell phone plan to a cheaper, soldier plan, I have to call the bank to sort something out and book a table tonight at a bar in Jerusalem for my enlistment/bday party.

Time to get moving, gotta get back to Jerusalem this afternoon. It's been a busy and exciting week! Hopefully I'll update this weekend on how Thursday went.

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