Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend's Little Lessons

things I learned/re-learned this weekend...

Run around the block an extra time to pass by the fresh lavender again...mmmm.
Dance. Even if you look like a fool. No one cares and it's more fun.
Even though it's hot in Nahariya all the time it is still quite cool in Jerusalem at night during the summer. Bring a sweater/hoodie.
Choose fun and friends over sleep at most every opportunity possible.
A return train ticket that you threw in the trash is not worth getting upset over, but don't do it again.
An unbelievable amount of technology and science goes into designing a race car.
There are a whole lot of secrets in the US (read: probably every) government that we don't know about.
Don't overanalyze. You're doing just that, OVERanalyzing. You're only hurting yourself.
Don't stand behind a dog when you're walking her, she'll pee on your foot. Take it as a compliment.
Timing is (almost) everything.
There was a time when I thoroughly enjoyed going down the same slide 50 times in a row. Do not become immune to those simple pleasures.
Drink Sam Adams because it makes you happy, who cares that it's more money and calories than coffee or tea.
Always ask little kids (12-24 months) to say please. Not to teach them manners, but because they will say "peass" and its adorable.

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