Friday, August 12, 2011

brief goals follow up

these were the goals I set for week two...
Week two goals:
1. be the one to receive the commander a few more times this week
2. ask many more clarification questions during lessons/ say when I don't understand
3. answer more questions during lessons
4. don't receive any individual punishments (pushups, usually)
5. continue to converse in group settings with the girls
6. RUN during our free hour at night

1. check
2. check. could have done this MORE but still met the goal, I think
3. check. obviously could also do this more but definitely answered more questions as the weeks went on
4. fail. i forgot my gun when i left my tent last week and had to stay 2 extra hours before leaving last friday, oops!
5. check.
6. check minus. i did extra push ups, dips, lunges, sit ups, whatever i could when we had time after our exercise sessions, but i didn't actually go for a run on my own free time. being first to the shower always seemed like the better option.

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