Friday, August 12, 2011

embarrassing moments

where do i begin with this one...

-first and foremost, i went over a week saying "bvakasha mfakedet" instead of "akshev mfakedet" which means i was saying, "please commander" instead of "attention, commander" when i wanted to talk to my commander or ask a question. how embarrassing!!! a friend finally told me that i was saying it wrong.

-We have to write a "situation" after every break which includes the names of all the soldiers that aren't present and where they are (home, sick, guarding, with the sergeant or commander, etc). last week we had to write 10 of these things each time because we couldn't do it correctly on time (because some of the girls are kind of useless) Also, you write your name at the bottom of the paper so they know who wrote the list. This time, however, instead of writing that Julia was guarding I wrote that she was "servicing." This could either mean that she was doing service (what that is i don't know), or she was in the services...i.e. bathroom. The commander read it in front of all 50 of the girls in my company. She said, "uhh...where's julia? services? what does that mean?" and promptly began laughing after and all the girls, including myself, followed in suit. To get the commander to laugh in front of us when we're in formation is a hard thing to do in the first place but it was at my expense which made it a little less fun. how embarrassing!!

-basically every time i call out the time remaining (every 10 seconds) it's a joke, because of my accent. some of the girls mimicked the way i say the number 20 because it's the hardest one to say correctly. oof, i hate saying number 20 i get so nervous each time!

-Instead of asking if I could go and get my water bottle I asked if I could go and read my water bottle. good one, lauren

-The first two weeks we had only girl commanders but last week we also had guy soon-to-be commanders with us. In hebrew, like many other languages, words have genders. I can't even count how many times I said, "akshev mifakedet" to the mifaked, essentially calling him a girl. I guess it's like saying "excuse me waitress" to a waiter, but worse because they have power over you, haha.

i'm sure many more things happened, basically surrounding how or when I said something incorrectly or with a really bad accent, but that's all i have for now.

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