Sunday, August 14, 2011

chicka chicka boom boom

sat around a lot today to find out that I will be doing "yomiot," or going back and forth daily, to a base right near Tel Aviv University. Holla old stomping ground! I felt quite nostalgic being around there today. Incase my TAU friend were wondering, the dorms are all redone, there is a new and improved gate entrance right across from the gate to the university (where the fence is where we used to sneak guests in at the wee hours of the morning to sleep), and there are some stores (i saw a bike shop and two other shops) on the first level of some of the dorms.

Back to army stuff...I am going to be wasting a whole lot of time until my foreign relations course starts October 24, oof! To start, I have tomorrow off and vacation all of next week, not too shabby but I'd rather be doing something productive. I'm going to be at this base doing the 9-5'er thing for a while, legitimately probably doing nothing but crap work until the course. We have a lot of days off in October because of the Jewish holidays so at least that will go by quickly. The course is going to be really awesome and super interesting, can't wait for that to start!

Until then I'll be hanging out with friends a lot in Tel Aviv, crashing at lots of friends houses during the week, and probably spending most of the weekends in Jerusalem until Allie gets her butt back in the country and we find our very own apartment in Jerusalem for October. Let 2.5 months of the wandering Israeli soldier commence :).

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