Sunday, August 28, 2011

I've been sitting, waiting, wishing...

Sitting around on base with the girls, waiting for someone to give us something to do, wishing I were learning more Hebrew.
You know how they say be careful what you wish for? This is one of those situations...

Today we found out some new things we'll be doing to pass the time until our foreign relations course starts October 23rd. First, I have to come up with four topics I would like to present on, anything I want excluding politics. My commander picks one of the four and tells me 48 hours beforehand when and what I will be presenting on the the group. Okay, fine, Hebrew presentation, I had to do that in ulpan so I think I can handle. The problem is...the presentation is 45 minutes. 45 minutes! yikes...that's A LOT of new vocabulary to remember, I'll keep you posted.

Second, we have to present on the place where we live. Here we encounter another problem...I don't, actually, live anywhere right now. I'd say I'm "staying" in many places. I raised my hand and asked if I could present on the place were I think I will be living and my commander said no but when I reminded her that I really am not living anywhere right now she agreed that presenting on Baka, a neighborhood in Jerusalem that Allie and I are looking into is okay. So let's move there, Al, I'm about to do a 30 minute (30 minute!!) presentation on the neighborhood, I'll be an expert.

Third, we have to present on a topic from the news on whatever day we are given. We find out in the morning that we will be presenting that afternoon. That means no google translate for this girl...hah...that should be interesting. I will apologize to my fellow soldiers beforehand if they simply receive incorrect news from my presentation, they use hard words in the newspaper!

Forth, we have to come up with a bonding/ice breaker type game to do (with a partner) with the rest of the group. At least this one is right up my alley, I've got many games up my sleeve from all those years in Student Council and as captain of various sports teams in high school and college.

Fifth, we have to present on a famous person who (I believe) is assigned to us. Again, not so difficult. The Hebrew will obviously be an obstacle but I can look up facts on the internet and it is very straightforward.

As you can see, I have lots of new projects to keep me busy and on top of studying/learning Hebrew for the next few weeks. Too many of the girls I'm with speak English all day and it drives me CRAZY. All day I say, "Hebrew, please" "Let's talk in Hebrew" "Why in English" etc. I tell myself every morning that I'm only going to speak in Hebrew all day but sometimes I forget. I'll keep trying...

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